Boxing all age and ability training Welcome to the Body Workshop, Body Happy

Classes start on
Thursday 11th January 2024 6pm to 7pm- Mixed Adult Classes
Monday 15th January 2024 4:30pm to 5:30pm- Mixed Junior Classes.

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Beating temper is now being held at the Body Workshop Lewes. The classes are mixed gender and ability. We will be working on your boxing fundamentals.

What can you expect?

Working with myself or your partner, you will learn how to throw correct boxing combinations as well as defending them on the receiving side. Finishing off with a strength and conditioning work out. You will leave every class with the knowledge and practised combination learned and a true boxer work out. All fully benefiting your mental health.

One hour in a class is one hour of stress relief!

Beating Temper is aimed for mixed abilities of boxing experience. We are looking for people that have stressful life's and are looking for an outlet. I guarantee that our club will relieve mental demons, whilst teaching you respect, a better way of life and enjoying a new craft.

Personal training 1 to 1 pad work and strength and conditioning is £25 an hour: book now

This is the perfect time for in-depth training working closely with you and perfecting your technique. Working up to an 8 plus punch combination. Understanding movements, footwork, heavy bag, range work and personal life coaching.