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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Body Combat

Body Combat / Cardio combat

The content of this class (e.g.,) music and choreography, is provided by an American company, Power Music which orginated in the 1980s during the aerobic craze. This combat style class sees you throwing punches (upper cuts / jabs / crosses) ducking and diving - kicking - jumping and all to great lively fun music! Each track is choreographed and aimed at working out in a specific way (e.g.,) aerobic or conditioning.

The choreography is specific and repetitive and although you might feel a tad 'lost or overwhelmed' in the first few sessions, you will soon pick it up and begin to throw yourself into it!. A fun challenging class!
Duration: 50 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Cardio Sculpt

Cardio Sculpt (use of a step is required)

This is a combination of simple repetitive step movements which will increase cardio activity and burn calories - combined with conditioning type exercises which will tone and improve body shape.

The format is simple using two or three minute segments which are easy to follow ... combine that with some lively fun music and you have a winning combination!
Duration: 55 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Body Pump

Friday Fun

Friday is fun day. Created during the January 2021 Lockdown(3). Let us face it, - it is Friday night and there is nowhere that we can go! So here at the Body WorkShop, we put together some fun Body Happy Rocking tunes (courtesy of our favourite company Power Music).
Then recalling all those fun memories of, Jane Fonda / Lotte Berk / Callanetics type exercises we use to do (showing our age, and also introducing to a new generation) allowing, Friday Fun to be born! It seems everyone has bought gym wear and specific fitness apparatus on-line since gyms have closed, so participants that already have or recently bought 'Booty Bands' then have them at the ready.
It will be a conditioning class with no weights having high exercise repetitions.
Duration: 55 minutes (We planned initially on 45 minutes but there is always time for more!)

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Legs Bums and Tums

Legs, Bums & Tums

The class format is approximately 20 minutes, standing cardio work such as grapevines - leg lifts - light jogging on the spot - simple routines. This class is suitable for all as the initial cardio segment can either be low or high impact through choice ... meaning everything taught can be walked or stepped through should you prefer. The floor section includes lower body conditioning exercises and again can be adapted for those with injuries or whom are new to the exercise. Simply a great class that is suitable for everyone as you can literally make it as challenging as you like!

Those in the class have an age range from 16 to 80. If you cannot manage an exercise, all support each other.
Duration: 55 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Pilates


Pilates is often considered as a pathway to your mind. Basically you are engaging specific areas of your body in a slow and controlled manner allowing stimulation of all your nerve endings (that tingly feeling, that you will feel at the end of your class session). A great way to strengthen and stretch your body and often suggested by NHS physiotherapists to improve body regions such as weak abdominal and back muscles / a stiff neck / poor posture etc. One of the favourite classes to teach as it never fails to make me feel amazing afterwards as well the participants. Again it is easily adapted to participants who may have specific injuries preventing them from executing all of the moves. Pilates rings / squashy balls / resistance bands and also light weights can also be used within the classes.
Duration: 55 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness

Our pole fitness classes are open to all levels - they are small mixed ability hourly sessions.

You will learn spins / climbs / sits / inverts and transition moves.

This is a fun way to keep fit and do not be misled into thinking you have to be either slim or super strong to participate!
Pole participates come in all shapes & sizes & also ages & gender's - as we learn simple moves we go on to develop the strength for more advanced progressions whereby your strength will naturally evolve without you realizing.
(Also see: Aerial hoop)
Duration: 55 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Step Aerobics


This simple 'old school' style step class will see the return of the 1990's when step was in its heyday!

A fun yet challenging class - using simple choreography suitable for everyone - burning those calories -increasing heart rate - and generally burning up those excess calories.

So dust off your sweatband and dig out the leg warmers (only joking) definitely a tough yet fun class which you will love!
Duration: 55 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Weights Workout

Weights Workout

The choreography and music for this class is again courtesy of the American company Power Music. The music tracks and choreography are divided into sections designed to target specific body parts (e.g.,) Legs - Backs - Abdominals etc. An assortment of weights are used depending on what you feel comfortable lifting and there is no reason why you can not just perform the exercise without weights if you are a complete beginner and like all the classes, there is no pressure on any participants, working at your pace. Additionally, adaptations are discussed for injuries and/or physical disabilities, whereby injury rehabilitation or greater mobility is worked towards.
Duration: 45 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Zumba


What is Zumba?

Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Pérez during the 1990s.

Zumba classes can vary from Zumba Gold, Zumbe Step to Zumbini however here at the Body Workshop we allow you to be Body Happy with easy to follow choreographed combination of fitness and dance moves. Dance around and swing your hips to various pop and Latin tunes ...

It honestly is really fun! 👠
Duration: 60 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop

Aerial hoop sessions are also available and in the same way as Pole Fitness thereby allowing your body to become stronger as you learn. Performing more difficult moves on the hoop, the same evolution happens as with the pole.

As with Pole Fitness this is a fun way to keep fit and there are no body/age/weight/gender restrictions either. As your progression develops, the strength for more advanced moves, develops and your overall strength will naturally evolve.
Duration: 55 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Belly Dance Fit

Belly Dance Fit

A fun way to tone your body - isolating and controlling the body's movements.

Hip drop, circle and shimmy your way through this enjoyable class accompanied by the haunting sounds of tribal music which take you away to the Casbah.

... and even better if you can dig out your jangly scarf belt!
Duration: 55 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Circuits


A combination of aerobic and conditioning exercises of three minute intervals.

This class will improve your heart rate and tone your body.

It is also easily adaptable for anyone with an injury as any 3 minute segment can be changed for an individual participant.
Duration: 50 minutes.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Dance Studio Hire

Studio hire

We have a beautiful light, airy, well-ventilated, spacious and open, mirrored dance studio which we hire out to other teachers (you would need to be covered by your own instructor insurance) at an hourly rate of £20.

Students/dancers/performers can hire the studio to practise at an hourly rate of £10.

Studio hire with pole and or aerial hoop/moon Lyra available at £20 per hour.

One to One personal training gym/studio/pole/hoop available at £25 per hourly session.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Charity Events

Charity events

Here at the Body Workshop, we encourage you to be Body Happy by providing both free and discounted facilities usage for charity's such as for example, St. Peter & St. James hospice which is local to us and has a special place in our hearts (some of our gym & classes' members have served on the Board of Directors as well as having family members who had been patients or who themselves had been a patient). Here at the Body Workshop, we have a diverse Body Happy membership, some of whom are in their professions, performers such as pole dancers, fire eaters, aerial hoop, flamenco dancers, burlesque to name a few, of whom are just happy to provide their talents for charitable causes. Whereby we have used this wealth of talent to perform shows (with positively outstanding reviews) in and around Lewes, Ringmer, and Brighton & Hove, showcasing our lovely members and raising money for charity. It is a fun event for all the family for all ages.
We also provide carnival floats, been involved with a local WI and also provided entertainment for the Lewes Mayor's black tie charity ball at our Lewes Town Hall🦄.

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© Body WorkShop Body Happy Classes Using The Weights Room

Body Workshop, Body Happy, Weights room

Our 'Old School' style Weights Gym was second home to Selwyn Cottrell (a title holder body builder who competed mid 1980s through to early 1990s) and has a good selection of dumbbells which range from 2kg up to 50kg.

Including, an Olympic bar with a good selection of weights; a squat rack / dead lift area ... see more .... 🏋

Cardio equipment

We have our cardio area separate to the weights room and you have a choice of:

  • Two treadmills
  • 3 exercise bikes
  • Concept 2 rower
  • Cross trainer
  • Stepper 🙏

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