We are passionate to keep all of our new and existing users, active and moving towards being Body Happy active, here in Lewes. We have a mixture of classes, including Pole fitness, Pilates and Legs, Bums & Tums. As well as the gym and boxing fit. All available to a time and class that suits you and more ...

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About Us

The Body Workshop, gym, dance studio and pole fitness classes and workouts, are here for you

The Body Workshop is a modern and spacious multi-purpose facility with everything under one roof. The fitness centre is open from 6AM and to 9PM weekdays and 8AM to 1PM on weekends including studio hire. Located just five minute's walk from central Lewes with free on-site parking for users, find us here ....

  • Classes including: Pilates, Step aerobics, Zumba
  • Pole fitness
  • Dance studio hire
  • Extensive weight lifting gym
  • Personal training & also nutrition programmes, available
  • HIIT training and classes
  • G.P. referrals accepted

Body Workshop Lewes is a health and well-being centre with a fully functioning weight lifting gym, dance studio and classes. Body fitness will allow you to feel both mind and body confident. Remember that good health even as a new starter, movement and fitness will help in life. Your mental health will become strong as your body improves (NHS)

Accessibility for wheelchair users, ♿ is parking next to the dance studio entrance (please book in advance).

Male and female showers and changing rooms, available.
All facilities are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and after every user.

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Facts about the Body workshop

Did you know that Christine (the owner) was teaching in Lewes from 1985, first employed by Susan Bramsdon, who converted the Holloway's Ballroom, situated behind what was the then Court Lounge coffee bar, into the Ballroom exercise and dance studio. The Body workshop was initially trading in North Street, in 1993 before later moving to Brook Street, Lewes. Body workshop gym and dance studio members have performed in variety shows raising money for St. Peter & St. James hospice, also performing at the Lewes Mayor's charity ball. Additionally the Body workshop has been instrumental in clients winning inter university pole competitions; also offering support by continuing to let members use facilities for free if they have lost jobs etc. The Body workshop has also supported the local WI with clients performing at their summer Fête, allowing the members families to practise for dance competitions etc., in the studio without charge

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We have the longest attending users and members from any gym in Sussex. Some members have been attending for over 27 years (2023), including those in their 20s to retired folk (over 70s and over 80s classes). Some arrive at 5AM for a pre-work workout and others for the 9:30AM classes and others are using the aerial hoop in the evenings up until midnight. Are you coming to join the loyal users and have morning wake-up or evening de-stress?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are your questions and our answers and a few more FAQ's.

  • Gym wear:

    Light clothing should be worn that allows you to move freely and also allows you to feel comfortable.

    Training shoes should be worn. They allow you to have grip, when lifting free weights.

  • Light sensible clothing including, lightweight tee-shirts, sweatshirts, (breathable material such as cotton or polyester), should be considered.

      - Women (large chest or not) might prefer a sports bra for extra comfort. No matter your size, some extra support is always welcome.
      - Men, wear breathable cotton or polyester tee-shirts or light clothing. Something that will absorb perspiration is good.

    For the bottoms, wear something flexible. Consider an elastic waistband, or string cord, gym shorts, or tracksuit trouser.

      - Women yoga wear also sounds good.
      - Men, wear shorts or lightweight joggers. Consider not to wear shorts that extend beyond the knees.

    Consider to not wear jeans. Jeans will restrict your mobility and tight jeans will restrict blood flow.

    Appropriate footwear is an essential. If cardio, then strong training shoes with padding that can protect your angles, knees and hips should be worn.

    Open toed shoes can injury you however some prefer to be barefooted.

      - Women, running shoes are all-round appropriate shoes for classes and the gym.
      - Men, consider training shoes that will give good grip as well as protecting ankles. Running shoes are good all-rounders.

    All, users should wear breathable socks; cotton is normally the best option. High and low socks are welcome yet not tight socks. They will restrict your blood flow.

  • Carrying a towel, will allow you to navigate the gym, elliptical machines or classes; you can wipe down your area that you worked out on as well as pad yourself to remove perspiration for men and the glow of women. Remember that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow.

  • Either wash your gym clothing, after each session, (it will remove the build-up bacteria and in an removing any possible virus,) or alternatively, change your under-clothing, and gym clothing after each session.

  • Eating a light meal, an hour before is optimal. That could be a light breakfast or lunch. Evening workouts can be greeted by a well-balanced reduced carbohydrates and protein rich dinner.

  • However, stay hydrated! … That is paramount. Clear fluids and yes, no alcohol before a workout or within 6 hours post-workout. So, clear fluids before, during and afterwards … remember your 2 to 3 litres a day (3 to 4 pints) of clear fluids.

    Consider bringing your own water bottle as a reminder to stay hydrated and also to keep the virus to a minimum. You can re-fill your water bottle, with the water cooler.

  • What you I eat? We can help ...
    book a nutrition session now

  • There are large male and female changing rooms with toilets and showers.

  • Book an induction for the gym or join the classes as a beginner. Follow the advice on warm-ups and technique and movement in a class and in a few sessions you will be ready for great success.

    Alternatively, if you are a pay-as-you-go or signed-up as a new user, you can just start exercising without induction (even though we highly recommend you allow us to guide you on your first session). We have HIIT bikes, static cycles, rower, treadmills and skiing machines as well as the free weights gym that you can just use?

    You must have an assessment before starting to use the pole or aerial hoop. All can use the equipment despite injuries or over-weight concerns however and because it is an all-round exercise, then we need to start you at the correct level, and wheel-chair users are very welcome, so please,
    contact us here

  • No problem, book a consultation with us and we will work with you. Nothing should hurt in the body or mind. The body whether born able or with a disability is an equilibrium of rest and exercise, foods and liquids consumed and energy output. To much or to little will always cause an imbalance. The imbalance can lead to mental illness and also physical injury.
    The most flexible, strongest, and those that desire sensible weight reduction or toning-up, all started at the beginning. Taking advice from a professional will allow you to progress in a gradual yet positive driven fashion.

    Contact us for a consultation

  • The answer is a combination of time, correct food and fluid in-take, rest and correct exercise and remember, slow and steady.

      - Week one:

    Food and liquid in-take - wean yourself off large volumes of alcohol, chocolate and crisps and junk food and replace with copious amounts of vegetables, and at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Vegetables include a combination of either, carrots, broccoli, spinach, parsnips, spaghetti squash, Brussels sprouts, green peas, cauliflower and sweet potato. Pile them high to keep you feeling full. If you like fish, then add Tuna and if you are not a vegetarian then have cooked (not fried) chicken without the skin. Avoid meats if possible.

    Give yourself a week to get use to diet change and remember that you will go to the toilet more as your body adapts.

    Exercise - think of your middle, (your core), so plan which exercise and the amount of time ... 20 to 30 minutes only.
    Do it right - use either, the rower, the exercise bike, the cross trainer, or a class.
    Take advice. Making your core strong first and that will make your exercise journey, positive and pain free. Let us guide you.

      - Week two:

    Repeat - Think 21 days. That is the time span to create permanent change. So continue good habits.

      - Week three:

    Do it right - Slightly up the pace.

      - Week four:

    Remember the week one rules - if you have not so far been able to keep up then start week one again. You will always have time.

      - Week five:

    Increase duration.

      - Week six:

    You will see body changes. Maybe your clothing will be less tight or your arms are more toned. There will be an improvement without injury if you considered slow and steady.

  • Remember that your mind and body are in equilibrium. If you have stayed in your room or house for 5 years and hardly moved and gained weight, then think, 5 years to gain, 5 years to lose. Of course, once you have learnt to relax and do not distress yourself about good weeks and bad weeks then results will come much much quicker.

    Remember, it will take time.

    Please remember that. It will take time. However if you feel that you want to stop, reduce or plainly, give-up, then just think, ... I am less out of breath. I ache slightly less, I can walk slightly further.

    Exactly, it is working.

  • At the start, whatever age, weight, size, (big or small) and physical condition, you really should consider, slow and steady.

      - First and second weeks: Gym usage - start with twenty to thirty minute sessions, 2 to 3 times a week
      - First and second weeks: Classes - twice a week.
      - Third and fourth weeks: increase your intensity however same time and duration.
      - Fifth week: increase duration.
      - Sixth week: you will see definite body changes without injury if you considered slow and steady.

    Remember to discuss nutrition with us as well. That has to be on track to achieve week six status.

  • Yes, free parking is available for users. (Only free parking in Lewes area)

  • Yes, the bus, numbers 28, or 29, 29B, and 29X all stop outside the Law Courts in the High Street, Lewes. Alight there and walk downwards (eastwards) towards the traffic light junction. Continue over the junction and staying on the left pavement, pass the war memorial and turn left. Continue down the hill (north direction), bearing left (not turning right, down the hill) until you reach to Brook Street (about a 4 to 5 minutes' walk).

    The train stops at Lewes Railway Station. Leave the station from the main entrance. Turn right and head up, Station Street for about five minutes. Turn right at the traffic lights junction, turn left at the war memorial. Head down the road and bear left (not turning right, down the hill) and after another 4 to 5 minutes, you will reach Brook Street.

    find us here ...

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    Direction link from the bus stop

    Direction link from the railway station

  • Single pole or hoop class £12 per session, one person per pole
    Single basic class £7.50

    Monthly £48 (unlimited gym and non aerial classes)
    £57 unlimited gym and all classes

    Single gym session £6.50
    Monthly gym £35

    10 regular classes £65
    20 regular classes £120
    10 gym sessions £55

    Personal training or 1 2 1 pole and hoop
    £25 per hour
    Hire of pole and hoop and studio for personal use £20 per hour

    I year everything £470
    1 year gym £310

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    See our classes timetable

    Studio hire

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To contact us please either use the contact form, below, or email: hello@bodyworkshop.biz.

To book classes or pole sessions, either, e-mail, or complete the contact form, below, or via Facebook messager.

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